Why Hire BC Steam?

Cleaning Services:

BC Steam provides a wide variety of steam cleaning services, from home cleaning to office cleaning to construction clean-up. Let us handle all the dirt, dust, and assorted filth that settles in a busy area: Our steam cleaning will take care of nearly any problem at all.


We offer capable restoration service to our clients, including water extraction, mold remediation, and even replacement of objects or furniture damaged in a flood. This kind of broad and exceptional service cannot be found anywhere else. We also take care of pet leavings, urine stains and other pet-related issues. Don’t let residue or stains build up due to sharing your home with pets–make sure the environment you live in is clean and hygienic. For you and your pets, a frequent cleaning is a good idea and can lead to better living.

Janitor Products:

If you need cleaning products, come to BC Steam. Our janitorial products are second to none and include such useful devices and chemicals as bulk paper towels, cleaning fluids for carpets and floors, and the equipment necessary to fully steam-clean a carpet. If your carpet is regularly dirty, or you don’t have the time to call BC Steam, consider purchasing some carpet cleaning materials. While BC Steam cleans your carpet professionally and quickly, you can achieve similar results with our stellar products. Look into our assortment of cleaning solutions and materials, and let us help you shape a cleaner, fresher home.

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